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Anna Mogilevsky taps into the depth of human character by exploring her archetypal selves, and inviting viewers to experience their own minds in a different light. In her drawings she brings to life different aspects of herself - the protector, the teacher, the dreamer, the child, the artist, the nurturer, the feminine and the masculine. These contrasting characters cooperate or work against each other, emphasizing similarities and differences between them. The inner states of the characters are described through emotion, gesture and body language as well as by sense of light and relative positioning of the figures.

Anna uses a specific methodology in her creative process: idea, sketch, performance, photography and drawing. Her ideas are responses to personal experiences, as well as literary and visual stimuli. The inspiration comes from a variety of sources: the Renaissance, Carl Jung, Asian Sumi ink paintings, Buddhist sculpture, Ukiyo-e block prints, meditative practices, as well as multiple works of contemporary artists. Rough sketches of interacting self-portraits are made through a synthesis of imagination and personal contemplation. Visual influences inspire formal elements in the work, such as sense of light, geometry and composition, as well as positioning and body language of the figures. Personal meditative practice and written influences help create the conceptual side of the work. Photography is used to recreate the sketch and give a realistic sense of form to figures and space.  The role of the draftsman temporarily transformed into the role of actor/ director as Anna directs herself, and interacts with other actors during the photographic recreation. These interactions ultimately help capture the dynamic nature of archetypal relationships shown in the drawings.  Multiple images of the same poses are taken to create a collage from which the multiple selves are captured interacting with one another.

The simplicity of pencil and paper as the media of choice helps the subject matter to take precedence. The pencil allows Anna to use a meditative style of making marks that is repetitive, yet incredibly versatile. These marks create the highly detailed texture of the drawings and emphasize the complex interactions and the unexpected possibilities of the self.  In its totality the work creates a bridge between the personal and the trans-personal, inviting the viewer to share Anna’s experience as well as to contemplate their own.